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Advanced Chakra unblocking analysis

Balance starts within you and reflects on eventfulness in your life

  • 2 часа
  • 222 US dollars
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Описание услуги

This service was designed to help everyone who is ready to take their life on a new high standard and quality level. Happy, healthy and successful people are simply the ones with more balanced and unblocked chakras(lots of millionaires, celebrities that make a positive difference and influencers).You will receive a detailed advanced Soul Formula decoding +3 MORE ANALYSIS of: 1)Your Biggest Strengths in form of your exalting planets which allow you to turn Hobby into Income,(enjoying what you do to the maximum and get paid for it); 2) Knowing your weaknesses that other's notice and take advantage of, protect yourself from the low vibrational energies of the outside factors; 3) Your deepest hidden fears and issues that nobody knows of but it doesn't let you life to your full potential and realize the best ways on how to get from point A(where you are currently at to the point B where you want to be).This is an eye opening transformational session that returns you your true power as it's a well known fact that Universe is woven of energy and YOUR FOCUS and ABILITY TO HEAL YOURSELF is your SUPERPOWER; therefore any negativity in form of fears, guilt, shame, jealousy, envy, greed, self doubt, searching for approval, lack of self love, manipulation, abusive or toxic relationships, unfinished business in complicated karmic relationships, addictions, violation of our personal boundaries by an unworthy individuals and so on. Besides using an Astro psychological method i will find an individual approach and keys to each and one of you my dear clients, whether its gonna be diving into past life experience and getting rid of what has no serve for you anymore or extracting your long forgotten talents and developments that will enrich you in all senses of this word! Tarot, oracle, Lenormand cards might be chosen for more accurate diagnostics for some of you and a beautiful bonus awaits you in form of finding a right gem stone, crystal or other artefact for you to wear that will be able to cleanse, balance and activate your chakras. YOU ALSO WILL RECEIVE A SUPER SPECIAL BONUS AS A GIFT FROM ME-I will help you to interpret your brightest dream you have seen while sleeping and teach you how to use this amazing tool of clairvoyance for your benefit. Looking forward to dive deep into Akashic records(worlds library) with you and return your wings(devices) that will help you free yourself from old ancestral programming and make you fly higher and shine brighter then ever!



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