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Archetypal Psychology Tarot course

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Описание услуги

Who is the course for? - both people with 0 experience and professionals in areas of coaching, advising,motivational speaking, psychology,counseling,helping people,hypnotherapy, healing, chakra cleansing,sound healing,yoga,mediation, reiki and theta healing,brain reprogramming,metaphoric cards therapy, tarot,lenormand,oracle readings, numerology, human design, astrology,massage therapy,acupuncture, health and beauty coaching,feminine energy trainings,ancestral traumas healing and all types of transformational coaching etc - people who want to learn a new skill of diagnosing both for themselves and turn it into income - people who want to maximize effectivenes of their existing careers by applying the knowledge of psychology of Social Hierarchy(caste system) -people who want to harmonise existing relationships with their partners,family members,children -single people who want to invest in Self-Development and attract a good matching partner - people who want to be challenged and motivated to cleanse their diet,get rid of bad habits and advocate the principle of Mind-Body-Spirit -people who want to balance Masculine/Feminine energies, Ying-Yang and train and effectively use both hemispheres of the brain (logical and creative) -people who want to learn the mysteries this universe is woven of,get answers to existential questions,get a practical algorithm of the 22 laws applicable here on earth -people who want to open their 3rd eye chakra and broaden the channel of intuition -people who want to help others but not know where to start! This unique course of 40 video lessons contains the quintessence of knowledge from different areas I've gathered over the years of working in the field of consulting. I keep receiving hundreds of testimonials from different people around the globe who's life drastically improved after our sessions and it's time to pass this knowledge to you! I abundantly shared my secrets and hope you will enjoy the course! Table of contents: Archetypal Psychology Tarot Course Sector 1: 1)Introduction.Karmic responsibility.Honesty.Purity 2)Spiritual hygiene.Tools.Workplace 3)Oracle cards are different from Tarot 4)Lenormand.Love,relationship 5)Four elements: earth,fire,water and air 6)Planet Rulers ad houses.Astrology basics. Sector 2 Major Arcana Tarot: 7)XXII(0)Archetype FOOL 8)XXI Archetype WORLD 9)XX Archetype JUDGEMENT 10)XIX Archetype SUN 11)XVIII Archetype MOON 12)XVII Archetype STAR 13)XVI Archetype TOWER . . 40)Meditation 3rd eye



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